United Fifty

United Fifty (U50) is a “raw-thenic” clothing company

     Founded in the United States that prides itself on individuality.
Our promise to each of our customers is that every article of clothing is made here in the United States. While we are proud to be Americans our intent is not to boast about it. We understand that the United States is one of the most diverse countries in the world and this diversity has lead to many great and necessary changes over the past few decades. Even though these changes played a great part in our growth as a country, there are still many traditions and customs that we as Americans take great pride in.
     United Fifty exists with the intent to share our American heritage with our community as well as individuals around the world. Every tee shirt we make is made in limited runs that never exceed 1,000 copies. There are currently 7 billion people living here on earth which means that every t-shirt is one in a million. Our goal is to share a small piece of this heritage with everyone who purchases each item from United Fifty. We hope that you are able to connect with each item in a way that makes you feel as though you are a part of us in some way or another. We relish the opportunity to be unique in a copycat world.
     Our company is multifaceted. Our interest include surfing, skating, art, music, cars, motorcycles, and sports. As artist we capture a single moment in time and portray it as we see it. We envision this company taking each of these moments and putting our “United Fifty” style into it. This Website will give you a small glimpse into our vision here at U50.